Tanveer + Kelly’s in bed photobooth

When Tanveer (one of the founders here of Oh Snap Smile) started planning for his wedding, of course we knew that a photobooth was going to be a part of the plans.

He and Kelly had their wedding at Gary’s Loft in Manhattan. Gary’s is often used as a photo shoot location, and when Tanveer and Kelly were visiting before the wedding, they saw a section of the room set up as a bedroom scene, complete with a vintage bed. While the bed normally would have been taken out of the space for the wedding, we decided it would make a great spot to do something a little different with the photobooth. (As it turns out, we’re no strangers to taking pictures of people in bed). Sarah came up with some awesome pillows that tied in Tanveer and Kelly, the mood of the wedding and the idea of shooting in bed.

We had high hopes for the photobooth, but it turned out to exceed even our expectations. For starters, flashes were popping from that side of the room non stop all night. We ended up with more than 1200 pictures of friends and family. And on top of that, we’ve been getting some pretty great press on it as well. Martha Stewart called it “Pretty Much the Cutest Photo Booth Ever”, Glamour said “Finally! A Seriously Awesome New Twist on Wedding Photo Booths” and Brooklyn Bride said “Best vantage point for a photobooth EVER!” awwww. thanks guys.

A Very Merry Holiday at Ideeli

The holiday season officially kicked off at the Ideeli headquarters in SoHo last month and Oh Snap Smile was there to document all the festivities. Ideeli, if you’re not already a fan or one of its 4.5 million members, is a flash sales site offering sweet deals on top designer brands of clothing. The company is also one of the fastest growing retailers in the U.S. has more than 1,000 brand partners, so it was a huge opportunity to work with such a passionate and surging group.

The guest list included select power bloggers and editors. The event was also live tweeted with a custom hashtag and the next day a gallery went up on Facebook much to the delight of the brands’ some 180K+ fans. Oh Snap Smile has always distinguished itself as more than a photobooth company and we love engaging customers using social channels. Our photos help extend the brand and keep the party going long after the lights have been turned off.

This was also the first event where we introduced our brand new sub dye printer and handed out hundreds of 5″ X 7″ prints to guests as a party favor. Without a doubt, this was a huge success and we’re looking forward to offering prints at many future events.

Finally, we took some behind the scenes snaps of our photobooth setup (a popular request) to give you a taste of the complete Oh Snap Smile experience.



Sam and Sasha’s upstate wedding photobooth.


Oh Snap Smile is just back from Sam and Sasha’s wedding upstate. What a weekend! We set up Saturday night while guests were hanging out and keeping their eyes on Hurricane Irene. In the morning the power had been knocked down throughout the grounds… But we came ready to rock with the battery setup. The hurricane passed through and by the afternoon we were looking at the sun shining (and a DOUBLE RAINBOW!). Here are a few quick favorites.

new-york-wedding-photobooth-02.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-03.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-04.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-05.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-06.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-07.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-08.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-09.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-10.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-11.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-12.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-13.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-14.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-15.jpg

Rooftop Show II

Oh Snap Smile got things started right by throwing a Rooftop Show Launch Party in Brooklyn last Friday. After a crazy thunderstorm, people crawled out of restaurants, bars, subway stations — basically, any place with some cover — and joined the party. Huge props to all the performers including Lindsay Welsch, Josh Sanburn, Alessandro Minoli, Ben Jackson, Simon Kafka and Lost Gloves.

After the music wrapped up, Jake and Tanveer got the booth going. The rest, as the say, is Internets history:

nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-01.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-02.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-03.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-04.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-05.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-06.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-07.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-08.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-09.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-10.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-11.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-12.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-13.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-14.jpg nyc-photobooth-brooklyn-rooftop-show-15.jpg

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