Sam and Sasha’s upstate wedding photobooth.


Oh Snap Smile is just back from Sam and Sasha’s wedding upstate. What a weekend! We set up Saturday night while guests were hanging out and keeping their eyes on Hurricane Irene. In the morning the power had been knocked down throughout the grounds… But we came ready to rock with the battery setup. The hurricane passed through and by the afternoon we were looking at the sun shining (and a DOUBLE RAINBOW!). Here are a few quick favorites.

new-york-wedding-photobooth-02.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-03.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-04.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-05.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-06.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-07.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-08.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-09.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-10.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-11.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-12.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-13.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-14.jpg new-york-wedding-photobooth-15.jpg

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