BUST Magazine’s 20th Anniversary at Bell House

Last night Oh Snap Smile celebrated BUST Magazine‘s 20th Anniversary Extravaganza at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Here’s the photo-documentation of all the excitement. Congrats, Bust Magazine. And here’s to another 20 years!

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Rooftop Show II

Oh Snap Smile got things started right by throwing a Rooftop Show Launch Party in Brooklyn last Friday. After a crazy thunderstorm, people crawled out of restaurants, bars, subway stations — basically, any place with some cover — and joined the party. Huge props to all the performers including Lindsay Welsch, Josh Sanburn, Alessandro Minoli, Ben Jackson, Simon Kafka and Lost Gloves.

After the music wrapped up, Jake and Tanveer got the booth going. The rest, as the say, is Internets history:

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