The Custom Booth

We love working with our clients to create beautiful custom photo booths and offer a whole range of products.

Custom setups backdrops and props.

We’ll take  elements of your company’s branding or wedding invitations and save the dates to create beautiful custom backdrops and props.  Think beach balls, ten gallon hats, funny mustaches and beards. We even threw in a bed at one of our custom booths!

On-site prints.

Our high quality 4X6 and 5X7 prints are a huge hit at every party. Once they start spreading at parties, watch everyone swarm to the booth like wildfire to claim their own.

Social media integration.

Our most popular solution is an iPad kiosk from which guests can authenticate and post to Twitter and Facebook. We can also tweet the photos in realtime, post a custom edit of images live to your brands Facebook page, or push your images onto social networks in a multitude of ways. Spread the excitement of the party to those following along at home or guests on their mobile devices.

A beautiful custom website for your event.

One place to capture all the memories and comments.

Something else?

We’re always up for a something new. Got a crazy booth idea that you want to make a reality? We’d love to talk about how we might be able to be a part of it.

The best way to find out more about these features is to shoot us an email at info@ohsnapsmile.com and tell us more about what you have in mind.